The Best Boat Tours in Perth Western Australia

Boat tours offer you one of the best fun-filled experiences. For instance, you can enjoy several sporting and recreational activities while on the boat with your family or friends. These fun activities include fishing, speed boating, water tubing and water skiing.

departing from Elizabeth quay in the perth CBD
Another benefit of hiring boat tours is that you get a chance to know more about the marine life. One of the best places to enjoy boat tours is in Perth, Western Australia. That’s because of the many activities you can enjoy while in the waters. In this post, we’ll look at four best boat tours in Perth.

1. Penguin Island Boat Tours

Among the best boat tours in Perth, Western Australia are the Penguin Island boat tours. In these tours, you can enjoy the best long cruise that ensures you get to see the amazing sea lions and dolphins. You can then end your journey on the Penguin Island. While on the island, you will get the best chance to see the world’s smallest penguins.
This trip is especially ideal if you have young ones on-board. It will give them an opportunity to know more about sea animals. Make sure you follow safety precautions to avoid unfortunate accidents.

2. Fremantle to Perth One Way River Cruise

Fremantle boat tours give you a fantastic opportunity to head from Fremantle to Perth using the scenic and relaxing Swan River cruise.

You will enjoy listening to the Captain’s informative and entertaining commentary, walk around the boat and enjoy drinks. This boat tour is one of the best you find around the world and leaves you asking for more.

3. Fremantle Boat Tours – Return River Cruise from Perth

Another of the best boat tours in Perth is the one that takes you from the beautiful Perth City to Fremantle. The reason is it provides you with the chance to explore this Port City. You will love the fantastic sights on the Swan River while on the calm waters. If you were looking for the best boat tour to escape today’s busy lifestyle, you should ensure you find out more about this boat tour.

4. Perth to Fremantle One Way

You can choose to enjoy a one-way boat tour from Perth City to Fremantle. The result will be a relaxing journey on the calm waters of Swan River. If you want to know more about Western Australia, this boat tour should be the place to be. That’s because your Captain will offer informative and entertaining commentary as you go. Other activities to do are walking around the boat, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and have drinks.


Hiring the best boat tours in Perth should be a smooth experience using the above post. Remember that boat tours are available in different offers and packages. It means you need to know your preferences and ask what the service charges are. The recreational and sporting activities that you enjoy on boat tours ensure that you burn more calories, meaning you will lead a healthier lifestyle. Make sure you read online reviews of Perth boat tours and plan your budget estimates for the best outcome.

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