Environmental Care

Environmental Policy

Quake Property Services Pty Ltd prides itself on being an Environmentally Conscious Company.

We are committed in providing you our services in an Environmentally responsible manner, as we believe
that the Earths Environment is critical for future generations.
It is essential that everyone works together, in an endeavour to preserve the Earths natural resources and
minimize its pollutions.

At Quake Property Services Pty Ltd, we believe that’s as a result of performing our duties, we should not
add to, or perform tasks in a manner that may contribute to the pollution of the Environment.

As a Small Business, we follow important steps in minimizing the potential for Environmental Damage:

General Rubbish

Your site will have, in most cases, bins for the disposal of rubbish.
We ensure that any rubbish collected during the course of our duties is placed in the bins for council or
other collection agencies to remove from site.
There are different sorts of bins on site, paper only, cardboard only or other recycling bins.
We do not leave general rubbish in bags on the floor next to bins, street kerbs or any other place.

Liquid Waste

When completing site works we ensure that dirty waste water IS disposed in:

  • Toilet bowl
  • Cleaners room sink
  • Designated area as per clients request

When completing site works we ensure that dirty waste water IS NOT disposed in:

  • Storm water drains
  • Unmarked floor drains
  • Any other areas

Recycling Rubbish

Your site may have recycling bins, in this case this rubbish is to be place in the sites respective waste bin.
Recycling rubbish is generally bagged separately from general waste, and disposed of separately.

Quake Property Services Management will ensure that staff are trained in this and that staff are aware of
the location of these bins.

Incorrect disposal of liquid waste can also carry substantial financial penalties in the manner of Fines,
Warnings and also repairs to damaged areas caused by incorrect waste disposal.

Incorrect liquid waste may end up in our rivers and damage water quality or ever kill the rivers live stock.

Our commercial office cleaning service includes:
  • Steam-Cleaning to Carpets.
  • Toilet Cleaning.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Display Windows.
  • Dusting, Wiping and Vacuuming.