Making Your Office Cleaner, Healthier and Greener

Having a well designed and professional looking office feels incredible. However, it’s office cleaning and internal climate control that makes it a healthy working environment.

Without proper cleaning and climate control, even the best-designed office would become a health hazard for everybody.
In this article, we are going to look at what you can do to make your officer cleaner, healthier, and greener.

a pretty neat office room

Air Quality

Always make sure that when possible, you keep the windows open to let in fresh air. If that’s not an option, then you must invest in air purifiers. These will help you to get rid of allergens in the air, which can cause allergies or aggravate them. Moreover, fresh air helps our bodies to get enough supplier of oxygen, which keeps us alert and increases our concentration.

Water Quality

While it’s normal these days to have a water dispenser in the office, it’s also important to make sure that everybody knows it isn’t healthy to drink chilled water, especially after meals. Moreover, the water should be purified before it’s dispensed. Drinking clean water all day not only makes a person healthier, but it also contributes to weight control.


While you need to use artificial light when it gets dark, it’s important to install some sensors that will lower the amount of artificial light as it gets brighter outside. That will not only reduce the energy bill but it also good for our eyesight. Prolonged use if artificial light isn’t as good as use of natural lighting.

Dust Free

Dust is one of the major causes of allergies in offices. While vacuuming can help to control its levels, it’s important only to use a quality filter when vacuuming to avoid recycling it. Moreover, the filters should be changed on a timely basis to ensure that the air quality is maintained throughout.

Energy Efficiency

lady from janitor companyIt’s important to make sure that your office is energy efficient at all times. That means turning off the heating or cooling system off when the office is closed. Moreover, turning off the lights whenever possible, and using natural light also helps to save energy. Lastly, opening windows to increase air circulation when possible is helps to lower temperatures and therefore save energy.


You should consider having some plants in your office. Plants such as garden mum, ficus, and bamboo improve the quality of air around them. They are also known for helping to improve productivity, increase concentration, and make people become more creative during their working hours. Those psychological benefits can help to lower workplaces stress levels, and therefore improve the overall health of office members.

Standing Desks

Studies have shown that sitting for prolonged hours can to cause health problems. That’s why investing in desks that allow people to work at times while standing is considered healthy. In cases where having a standing desk isn’t possible, you should consider providing exercise balls. Of course, you will need to inquire how many employees would want to use the exercise balls as chairs before you invest in them.


Cleaning the office floors, kitchen, and work-spaces is the surest way to make sure the office remain wholly clean. The cleaning should involve the use of mild detergents when cleaning desks and windows, and stronger detergent when cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. The floor should also be vacuumed on a regular basis, and the HVAC equipment serviced and cleaned regularly to make sure they don’t harbor germs.


Office cleaning should be done during none working hours and preferably by professional cleaners. Professional cleaners in Australia know the best ways to clean offices, and what detergents work best. While you may have to do a trial and error to find the right detergent to remove a particular stain from the kitchen floor or restrooms, professional cleaners will always know what to do. Overall, hiring professional office cleaners will help you to keep your office clean and hygienic, so that you can concentrate on running your core business.

Our commercial office cleaning service includes:
  • Steam-Cleaning to Carpets.
  • Toilet Cleaning.
  • Window Cleaning.
  • Display Windows.
  • Dusting, Wiping and Vacuuming.