7 Best Wineries to Visit in Perth WA Swan Valley Region

One of the best ways to relax or enjoy life is to have a glass of wine. For instance, studies have shown that moderate drinking of wine results in lower levels of anxiety and perceived stress. Another benefit of wine is that it soaks up the damaging free radicals, which contribute to age-related illnesses and aging.

swan valley region wa

One the best places to visit are wineries in the Swan Valley region, Perth, Western Australia. The reason is that while in the wineries of this area, you can enjoy many brands of wines and activities. This post gives you the seven best wineries to visit in Perth WA.

Faber Vineyard

One winery you should consider visiting is the Faber Vineyard. It’s famous for throwing parties, which means that it’s among the best wineries in the Swan Valley region. For instance, you can enjoy Australia day parties, Christmas BBQs, local producers days, and lunches among the many wine barrels. Make sure you check out this place when in Perth.

Harris Organic Wines

cruise throught the vineyardsAre you environmental friendly? Harris Organic Wines should be the new favorite place to be. That’s because it’s the only organic distillery in Australia and organic winery in Perth. It means that if you want natural wines, you should consider checking out this excellent winery.

Lancaster Wines

One of the best down to earth places to visit is Lancaster Wines. For instance, they serve their amazing wines from a tin shed and have some of the oldest wines in the Swan Valley. If you were searching for unique dessert wines, you should make sure you visit this winery.


For a winery, Sitella is still considered young. However, it’s one of Best wineries to visit in Perth WA since it was voted as the best small producer in the year 2016 by the WA Wine Guide. The moment you taste their wines is when you will find out the reason. You can visit for lunch or do some wine tasting. However, we recommend that you go to the workshop and get some knowledge on wine pairing with Sitella’s head chef.

Oakover Grounds

taste amazing cheese and winesThe Oakover Grounds winery looks much of a cutting-edge bar in the city. That’s because it has an industrial style setting and retro references. It overlooks a large lake where you can choose to rent paddleboards without any charge. This place is also ideal for fun drinking events, meaning you should make sure you visit it.

Sandalford Winery

Sandalford is among the Best wineries to visit in Perth WA. For instance, if you want to enjoy a wine cruise, it’s the place to go. If you leave Perth by morning, you can cruise up the Swan River and arrive at this winery by boat. You can then enjoy a delicious lunch at Sandalford and return to Perth city later.

Coward & Black

The Coward & Black partners with a Chocolate Company, which enables you to combine having your glass of wine with a piece of chocolate. You can enjoy eating chocolate, try several chocolate liqueurs and drink wine.


The above article on the Best wineries to visit in Perth WA should make you visit Swan Valley. Remember that one way to get the best of wine’s benefits is to drink moderately. You should also plan your tour early to enable you to sample the above wineries.

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