Office Hygiene : Why it is important for your company

Many are the times we hear the quote; cleanliness is next to Godliness, yet it tends to be so overlooked in the workplace. When the Human resource departments are working on new ways to improve the performance of the workers by boosting their morale and productivity, they tend to forget that office hygiene also plays a significant role in enhancing the overall performance. That is why we prepared a list of how office hygiene impacts the company and also the various ways to achieve it.

Importance of proper office hygiene to a company

Better health means good worker relationships

Office Hygiene is paramountWhen an office meets all the hygienic standards, the workers not only feel comfortable but they are also able to work and relate to each other comfortably. As a result, they can engage in teamwork and projects well which means better productivity.

Additionally, when everyone at the workplace is healthy, there will be fewer incidences of illnesses and hence fewer cases of absenteeism which means better performance for the company because the skills of everyone are utilized efficiently.

However, when there are improper cleanliness and hygiene, there will be increased outbreaks of diseases and flu because of the spread of germs and bacteria which means that more employees will not be able to maximize on their potential.

Good office hygiene will protect a company’s name and brand
When the workplace meets and exceeds all the office hygiene and requirements, it creates a good impression to any potential visitors and clientele who visit it. In the case of investors, they are more likely to want to work with you if your place of work is appealing while clients will want your goods and services because they are sure that they are good not only for their personal use but also for their health. They are also more likely to recommend you to other people who need your services and products.

Increases in employee retention

cleaning important spots like telephonesOffice hygiene is not about the prospective clients and partners only but also employees. When the company has poor hygiene, the employees feel less appreciated, and the chances are that they will look for employment somewhere that they think their skills are needed more and where the hygiene is better.

For instance, if a particular brand always has dirty toilets, the kitchen department is always dirty, and the office is cleaned once in a week, the employees usually feel that their health is being put at risk and that all the employer wants is what they are helping him/her make. Thus they will end up resigning. However, by keeping the workplace clean, they get an environment that they are comfortable in and also one that makes them feel appreciated.


Reaching the ultimate hygienic standards is not easy especially in a workplace. Reason being, there is usually much technical equipment such as computers, printers or any other not to mention the office desks, lockers and tables. Additionally, employees are not skilled when it comes to cleaning such areas and thus may end up causing damage to such machines by accidentally pouring water on them, and that means an additional cost and blame games as each worker tries to justify themselves. Hence, cleaning can be a daunting yet necessary task.

That is why instead of assigning the responsibility to the employees, the management of the company should instead hire a commercial cleaning company to handle the task. Such businesses are usually equipped with the relevant equipment to clean and also skilled workers who will carefully move the sensitive equipment such as computers and clean the entire place as it should. In conclusion, office hygiene is an important aspect when it comes to the productivity of a company, and as such, it should be handled by experts only.

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